Two too many diamonds??

So we are doing a SECOND blog post on jewlery and just how amazing it is because we can NOT get enough!! 

*Click on picture or name of item for direct link!*

The first item is our Hula Hoop earrings. These are a cute hoop with a fun feature added on. They are perfect with any outfit! Even if you decide to throw on a tee and some shorts and go outside to hula hoop! $13

Next is our London Look earrings! These earrings are long, sleek, sophisticated, with a bit of sparkle to match your awesome sexy business woman personality and style! Ugh, can we go to London like now?! $14

Our last set of earrings we are featuring are the Dorothy Diamond earrings! There is definetly no place like home! These earrings will make you feel like you belong at the beach or at a baseball game with their unique fun color and shape! $14


Our first featured necklace will be the Cheyanne Crystal Necklace! This necklace is a rockin' way to show off your cool edgy style! It isn't a choker but it isn't a long piece either! It's chunky and funky! $20 

 The next necklace is our Stacked Natural Stone Necklace! This long necklace features such a cool slender drop down pendant that comes in 3 awesome colors! It is perfect for your date night! $14 

Our Teardrop Necklace  look exactly like it sounds! But don't worry, it won't make you cry! It might make all the men cry when you break their hearts with your good looks! This simple piece is a must have! $22.50

The Ocean Floor Necklace is a deep dark blue just like the depths of the ocean and its long horizontial bar will sit across your chest nicely as you pair it with a nice white dress for a night out or your old favorite tee for a day in the house! $21

Our next blue piece is quite different from the one above! The Marbled Mischief Necklace is a long statement piece with a fun design in the shape! It's blue pendant has specks of complimenting colors that give it its marble feel! $23

This cobalt colored Half Moon Necklace is the perfect piece to tie together our previous blue pieces with our next moon like piece! It is a cute simple short piece that adds just the right amount of color to your already cute AnnieB & TLC outfit! $13


Ok! We might be a little obsessed with moons but this piece would go great with our Blue Moon Shorts! The Half Moonlight Necklace is a longer piece with a fun tassel addition that makes a statement while still being simple! It is def a must have! $14 

Our last two pieces are quite different than our normal style but they are sure to take you to new places! 

The African Adventure Necklace is a long statement piece that is loud for its colors and shapes! We think it is a cool cultured piece to match with any simple styled outfit! $13.25

Lastly, our Wood You Sea Me At The Bay Necklace is a unique long necklace that features a wooden like chain that leads to ice blue staggered rectangle like pendants! $35 



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