You Wanna Piece Of Me?

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So, for this week we are going to show you how to piece together some of our awesome items on our lovely mannequin, Mandy! Mandy is such a good model! 

The link featured in the photo above is our great PYT Top! It comes in white and gray and features a cute ruffle pocket with rolled sleeves! This top can be paired with just about everything and as shown here it can easily be tucked in for a more polished look! 

As seen before, above paired with the white tee, our Wardolf Shorts are featured in this photo and include a link to them! These awesome shorts are easy and breezy, enough to make you feel beautiful like a cover girl! They are sleek and slimming and match well with whatever you already have in your closet! As you can see you can tuck in a shirt and pull it loosely out for a more dressed down look!  

The Piece Of Me Top is the link connected to this photo! It is tucked directly in to our shorts for a cleaner look! This shirt is light and airy, great for these summer days! It is one of our faves, hence the title of the blog!

And because it is our fave top we decided to pair it with our Zip It Moto Leggings! Summer is the best and really only time to wear white bottoms and these are the perfect ones! They are stretchy and cool for summer while featured texture and zippers by the ankle! LOVE!! 

Lastly, our Becky Bliss Top is featured with our awesome white leggings to show you the versatility they possess! This top is sooo cute with the ruffled shoulder and very slimming! It comes in gray, blush, and blue! 


There you have it! 4 outfits, 4 ways, 4 styles! Dress up the dressed down or dress down the dressed up! Simple!

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